So , it’s very difficult for me to transform from marty the psychic to marian t. zinicola. since i began police work and doing candid readings for people, many many years ago i never revealed my true name to many people at all. even close friends called me Marty.   I didn’t want people to know who my children were or where my grandchildren lived, etc. etc. etc…… this worked out well for many years until i wrote my book, Soul Bonding with Marty the Psychic….all hell has broken out so to speak…Since i have clients in all parts of the world, in many states who know me as marty the psychic no knowledge of my name  they can’t find my book on amazon , barnes and noble or apple, the author looks foreign to them, marian zinicola ?????                                                                                                                                                                                                   SOO THE AUTHOR OF MARTY THE PSYCHIC IS INFACT MARIAN ZINICOLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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